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Enterprise WordPress Plans Updated

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Hey gang, Budd here.  I figured I would give you an update on the latest Enterprise WordPress Plans from Incendia.

In order to move forward with the “Elastic Site” structure required to be part of the CloudLinux’s Elastic Sites database since VPS’s are definitely a thing of the past, we are conforming to their requirements.  Now each Enterprise WordPress Plan can be expanded to support from 2 Cores, to up to 4 Cores, along with support from 1GB DDR4 RAM, to up to 4GB DDR4 RAM.  What’s this mean for you as the end user?  One BADASS ultra responsive website!  We are already known for bringing VPS clients back to shared hosting already, but now with this upgraded support, we can bring users from even High End Dedicated Servers to work in the shared environment with a PERFORMANCE GAIN.

As much as the industry is focused on up-selling the end user, be it known that at Incendia, we don’t want you to pay for more than what you actually need.  A majority of upsells come from misconfigured sites, on misconfigured hardware.  When you don’t know what you are doing, it makes them money.  Don’t get caught on one of those bandwagons!  Get the speed you need at a price you can afford, and leave those Dedicated Servers for the folks that really need them!  Try one of our Enterprise WordPress Plans and Flame on!

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